Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jupiter Aligns With Mars

I have a favorite radio station that I listen to each morning while driving to work. I really enjoy the morning show with DJ’s, Steve and Rhonda. They are entertaining as hell and I can always count on them for a laugh.

This morning, the guest on the morning show was an astrologist named Dulce. Dulce was taking calls from listeners, reading their charts and answering their questions regarding their astrological future and I though, hey! I wanna know how my planets are aligned! so; I whipped out my cell phone and dialed away.

Now, I have called that radio station no less than one million times over the past several years, trying to win the morning trivia game and not once have I been greeted with anything other than a busy signal so, imagine my surprise when Steve picked up on the first ring…

Steve: Good morning, Mix! What’s your question for Dulce?
Chelle: Um….hi….are we like, on the air?
Steve: Yes! You’re on the air with Steve and Rhonda! What’s your question for Dulce?!

My mind was as blank as Katie Holmes’ stare. I mean, I always get a busy signal.

Chelle: Well….um…..I just wanted to know….um… my...uh... financial future is looking?

Which, I really wasn’t wondering but, it didn’t seem right to squeal “I didn’t think you’d actually pick up!” before hanging up the phone like some Junior High school girl making a prank call so, I was, you know, winging it.

And, for the record, Dulce said that my financial outlook is excellent which I can only take to mean that, the next time I call with the answer to the morning trivia game; I won't get a freaking busy signal and I am like totally going to win.

It's written in the stars, people.

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