Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yet Another Reason Why Girls Should Not Wrestle

Hugh took the Man-Cub to the doctor’s office yesterday for a confirmation of our ringworm diagnosis and to get the medication necessary to cure it. Imagine our surprise when the doctor prescribed….jock itch cream.

You heard me; jock itch cream.

Now, if you were a wee delicate lass who just happened to enjoy rolling about on the floor with boys, would you not reconsider the hobby when faced with the indignity of having to apply, to your body, a product specifically created for male genitalia?

I’m just saying.

So, yes, we will dutifully apply the cream de la crotch and hopefully, the ringworm will go away, never to darken our doorstep again. And, as a bonus, should the Cub’s jock ever start to itch; we’ll be totally prepared.

Changing topics entirely, last month’s stretch of bad hair days compelled me to schedule a haircut and, today’s the day.

I have had the same hairstyle for about a year now and am quite pleased with it (you know, when it is behaving its damn self) so, I would never choose to go much shorter than it is, already. Hugh knows this, yet, every time I head out to the salon, he still feels the need to implore me not to get it cut any shorter. So, I say, ok, honey, I won’t!

Ha! In his dreams! Instead, I torture him with photos of extremely short hairstyles from those hair magazines one finds in the check-out line at the grocery store. For days prior to my appointment, I tell him that he might want to prepare himself for something drastic, because, one never knows.

Except, of course, he does. And, he reminds me that it would be ever so easy for him to let his naturally curly hair grow out which, wouldn’t be so bad if it meant that he would resemble one of my childhood crushes…..

Namely, one Greg Brady.

In reality, he would more closely resemble this:

Don Henley, circa 1970.

Needless to say, its a damn fine thing that I like my hair a little longer and that Hugh likes his a little shorter. Because, I don't want to be seen with fro boy any more than he wants to be seen with Mia Farrow.

Marriage is all about compromise that way.

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