Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Edition Thirteen:
Thirteen Things That I Will Eat With Reckless Abandon

After my last Thirteen, Sophisticated Writer, asked whatever in the world I do eat, so, here you have it.

1. Chocolate. Just like every other female in the world.

2. Fresh cherries. Luckily, I live in an area well known for its delicious cherries. Sadly, they are only available during cherry season which means that I have to get in a whole lot of cherry eating in a relatively short period of time. I’m generally up to the task and, contrary to what my mother thinks; eating my weight in cherries at one sitting has never given me a stomachache.

3. Cheese-It crackers. There is a small possibility that I am addicted to these. If so, it would take a Twelve-Step program to break me of the habit. Luckily for my ass, I particularly enjoy the reduced fat variety. Unfortunately, eating the entire box does tend to cancel out the reduced fat properties but, you know, I can stop whenever I want! I don’t have a problem!

4. My mother’s tuna and noodles casserole thingie-me-bob. I know! After all the blehing and bleching I did about seafood and fish last week! But, as I said, tuna is different and, my mother mixes it with cheese! And, soft noodles! And, there are peas in it! And, it sounds horrendous but I love it.

5. Chinese hot and sour soup.

6. Krispie Kreme donuts. Sooo bad and yet, sooo good.

7. Pasta. In just about any form and with just about any Italian sauce. I especially love a good, long-simmered marinara.

8. Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream. Chocolate, marshmallow cream, caramel and little fudge fishes. Look! There are some types of fish that I will eat! Who knew?

9. Salad. Fresh greens, carrots, crunchy bell peppers, red onion and grape tomatoes that go Pop! in your mouth, all topped with vinaigrette and crunchy croutons.

10. Marinated grilled chicken breast. No dark meat, please.

11. Potato Crack. From Rachael Ray’s 365: No Repeats-A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners, recipe #223. She calls it by some incredibly complicated name, as she is wont to do with all her recipes, but it is basically baked potatoes, scraped from the skins and mashed with sour cream, caramelized onion, mushrooms, thyme and smoked gouda cheese and then piped back into the skins and baked until golden. Potato. Crack. I could make an entire meal out of this alone.

12. Triple Berry Yogurt. Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries topped with fat-free vanilla yogurt and chilled. It’s almost better than ice cream. Almost.

13. Pizza. Specifically, The Gilligan, a ham, pineapple and cheese pizza made by our local pizzeria. Oddly enough, my cat, which just happens to be named Gilligan, also loves this pizza and will howl pitifully at my feet until I give him a small piece. He’s a bit spoiled but, he’s fourteen and, the bible tells us to be kind to our elders. It's what Jesus would do!

So, see; I do eat! Just not, you know, gross stuff.

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  1. You are making me hungry!

    I was introduced to pineapple and ham pizza while at college! It is SO good. I tell people not to knock it until have tried it! I have not had it in SO long!

  2. Wow I feel the same way about my mom's tuna noodle casserole. You'd think I would just ask her for the stupid recipe but I think that if I made it all the mom magic would be lost forever.

    And thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen #34 The 13 Things You Wish You Could Say At Work Edition.

  3. potato crack, LMAO! LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    #1 and #2 made me really hungry! Happy TT!

  5. I have never heard of the 13 thursday. What is this group? I found your blog by accident looking for a friend of mines. Can I become a member??

  6. As soon as I post this I'm running out to get the ingredients for Potato Crack! :-D

    This was a great list, Chelle. Thanks for stopping by to visit my first TT!

  7. Well with the exception of the gouda cheese *shiver* your list is awesome! I love fresh cherries... and chocolate... and pizza... I am so hungry right now. I've got to go start dinner! :)

  8. pineapple on pizza rocks..its been so long since i have had a donut..Yummy!

  9. Yummy! I love chocolate, of course. And hot, fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

    Happy TT!

  10. That tuna casserole thingie-me-bob sounds really good! I think I've had something like that before.

    Phish food! YUMMY! Ben and Jerry's seriously got it right with this one.

    I haven't had a donut in so long..I don't even remember what they taste like...oh yeah, they melt in your mouth don't they...wonder if they can make an ice cream in donut flavor?

  11. I agree with #1 and #13! I could go on in life with those two. And Coca-Cola! Heh!

  12. The Ben & Jerry's sounds wonderful!

  13. I don't care for ice cream or tuna, but we are seriously addicted to the white cheddar cheez its here at our house. We got through two or three boxes a week. Sometimes we'll squeeze easy cheese on them...its sinful.