Friday, May 04, 2007

The Barbies Are Coming, The Barbies Are Coming!

All of yesterday’s kvetching and wallowing about in irritated fury distracted me from sharing some truly good news; Younger Sister and her family are moving back to Colorado from Washington this summer! I am so excited, Younger Sister has been too far away for too long and, I’m not just saying that because she possesses bargain-hunting superpowers that I will be able to take advantage of on a more frequent basis, either (although, I totally will! Squee!). Or, because she is bringing along my nephew, with whom I share a geeky fondness for comic book heroes; thus enabling me to better train him in The Ways of the science fiction fanatic. Except....that is totally why!

....Mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

I am actually rubbing my hands together in wicked delight, can't you just picture it?

Anyhoodle, as I see it, the only drawback to having Younger Sister and her family reside in the same state as Hugh and me is the fact that I am embarrassed to be seen with them. Honestly, I just can’t take them anywhere; they are far too pretty to be seen with.


This is what happens when Barbie and Ken get married and, you know, breed.

However, posessing transcendental beauty is perhaps their only flaw as individuals, a couple and a family, so I will overlook it. I'm charitable like that.

In totally unrelated news, this weekend is the celebration of our town’s 125th anniversary of existence. I am scheduled to be a tourguide on walking tours of the historical buildings downtown, in costume. Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for thunderstorms so; the tours may get rained out, completely gypping me of my opportunity to dress like a Victorian era prostitute. I know! How sad!

I just might have to placate myself with chocolate and visions of my nephew in his Batman costume reciting the Super Heroes Pledge to my sister…in Vulcan.


  1. Here via the scavenger hunt and you and Myrna #44 both expressed things that irritated you in you TT posts this week.

  2. you did not get to just try out the Victorian outfit ya know at home?