Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Signs of Summer

The Man-Cub’s first baseball practice was last night. As the coach’s wife, I am now responsible for hauling the team equipment to the field for each practice as well as for games. I also haul two or three lawn chairs, a small cooler full of snacks and a large water cooler. You would think, at the very least, that I would get a tee-shirt but, noooo.

My tulips have spent themselves and are now are giving way to Shasta daisies and peony bushes. Also, the aspen trees are budding, as are the lilac bushes and, our resident mourning doves have taken up their usual place on the ledge outside my bedroom window; I listen to them cooing to each other as I get ready in the mornings.

Hugh opened the bedroom window last night to let in a breeze and I didn’t catch a chill until almost dawn.

My favorite liquor store is having its annual wine sale. Yes, Mother; I have a favorite liquor store. Where did you go wrong?

Our town’s annual soapbox derby is taking place on Saturday. Sadly, the Cub has decided not to participate this year but, still; it’s a sign of summer.

It rained today and I smelled the storm coming before the first drops hit. It smelled wonderful.

The Girl informed me that she needs new flip-flops because her heels are hanging off the backs of her current pair.

I have a wicked bad craving for fresh cherries, roasted corn on the cob and char-grilled chicken.

The daytime high so far this week was 82 degrees.

Yes, summer is just around the corner and, after such a long cold winter, I can’t say that I’m sorry. In fact, bring it on. Bring on the picnics and festivals. Bring on the fresh produce and ice cream treats. Bring on the sandals and the bikinis.

Okaaay…maybe we can skip the bikinis but, definitely; bring on the ice cream!

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