Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Edition Nineteen:
Thirteen Things That Are Irritating Me Today

1. My job.

2. The people I work with.

3. My new bra. Note to said bra: It is lift and separate, not divide and conquer.

4. The damn bird that woke me up at five o’freaking-clock this morning with his insane chirping. Note to said bird: Sparrow; It’s What’s for Dinner. Think about it.

5. My job.

6. The other drivers on the highway this morning, especially the jackass in the truck who though it would be a good idea to cut in front of me without signaling. Note to said jackass: Fuck you and the mangy dog next to you.

7. My new haircut.

8. The fact that my son is so completely irresponsible with his belongings. Note to said son: The next time you leave your backpack in my car, I will not turn around and drive back home so you have it when your father takes you to school. I won’t. Do not test me.

9. The pink frosted donut in the break room. Note to said donut: Stop calling to me; I will not eat you. I don’t care if you are covered in delicious and colorful sprinkles; I will. Not. Eat. You!

10. Have I mentioned my job?

11. People who talk shit about me behind my back and then are too chicken-shit to return my phone call, the one I make to call them on their behavior. Note to said chicken-shit: Jr. High was decades ago.

12. Insane project deadlines.

13. My obvious lack of willpower and dedication to my diet. Hate you, pink frosted donut. Hate. By the way, you were delicious.

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  1. I would have eaten the donut too!

  2. I feel for you and can TOTALLY relate.

  3. I am in an irritated state as well. Mine is directed towards my MIL though. Just go away! (her, not you.)

  4. Oh boy, Chelle, you really need to get yourself another job! LOL

    I'm off in search of a pink-frosted, sprinkle-covered donut of my very own. ;-)

  5. I'm sure you will get lots of sympathetic comments on this list. Hope things end up well. Sounds like a great day to stop on the way home and buy something that you didn't have to cook.

  6. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Aww! I hate those kind of days....and yummy donuts too! :0P Hope your day gets better!

  7. I say, go for it with the donut. And I totally hear you on the bra issue. Mine is on a special ops mission to bring me to my knees today.

  8. Loved #3 and #4. And I have very little will power...ok, NO willpower when it comes to sweets, so I would have sat down and eaten a donut with you. :) Hope your day gets better.

  9. *hugs* I hope you'll feel better soon.

    Happy Thursday!

  10. Thanks for a few laughs. I actually survived a donut attack at work a few months ago. I was tempted and even looked, but thankfully the person who gifted them to us bought a crappy selection. Not a single apple & spice donut in the bunch.

  11. The donut would have been a goner at my place too! Good luck with the crazy work environment!