Monday, May 21, 2007

My Kingdom For a Nap

We had a very busy weekend at Casa de Chelle. Friday evening, Hugh, the kids and I attended Family Night, which was sponsored by the kids’ after-school program and at which we were fed submarine sandwiches roughly the size of the Man-Cub’s head while watching the kids perform a number of skits they have been practicing since the beginning of the quarter. The skits were amusing, for the most part but, the thing I will remember most is the conversation we had with the Man-Cub who assured us that his new tooth was preparing to “hatch” any time now, really, any second now. Don’t look away!

For the record, we did and, it did not.

Following the family night festivities, we headed to the theater to watch Shrek the Third. The extra row of seats in the new car came in quite handy since Hugh had been diligently collecting additional children throughout the evening; we ended up with four additional little bodies to transport and, I'm fairly certain Hugh would have snagged a few more had I not appealed to his sense of self-preservation by pointing out the fact that my nerves could not possibly take much more.

In all honesty, though, the kids he managed to borrow were really well behaved and everyone had a great time so; I would do it again. Don’t tell Hugh, though.

Saturday, while The Girl attended a birthday party, the Man-Cub and I visited our local library. The Cub loaded up on books about pirates which he proceeded to memorize on the short ride home. He now speaks Pirate fluently and is clearly prepared to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie which comes out later this week. I’m equally prepared to see the movie since, as we all know, I appreciate a good historical drama.

Or, I have an historical appreciation of Orlando Bloom’s very nice tush. Whichever.

Anyhoo, we killed the rest of the afternoon by wandering around the gardens at a local nursery. While I was focused on the plants, the Cub managed to notice a number of other interesting items including snails, two butterflies, a ladybug, the nursery’s resident cat and a dog owned by the nursery’s manager. To my credit, I stopped to admire each of his discoveries and, to his credit, he waited patiently while I changed my mind (approximately seven hundred times) about which color of rosebushes to buy and, he did so without too much sighing and rolling of the eyes (notice, I said too much).

On Sunday, we went to the local diner for breakfast where we delighted in tripping up our regular waitress by ordering things completely different than what we usually order. She handled it very well but I’m fairly certain the Earth shifted under her, if only briefly.

Then, we washed my car so that it could rain. Seriously. Living in a drought? I shall come to your location and wash my car and rain will follow. Guaranteed.

Then, since we were wet, anyway; we went swimming. I would elaborate on the remainder of the day but, I’m boring myself and, since I’m already tired, additional boredom could throw me into a coma. And, you would not want that on your conscience, now would you?

On a completely unrelated topic, a while back I won an auction for a pair of new Seven For All Mankind jeans on eBay. If you don’t know jeans, let me assure you; Sevens are the bomb. They also retail for like a gazillion dollars (or, you know, a couple hundred, potato-potatoh) and we all know I am no gazillionaire so; I was stoked to win them for a mere $30.00. They arrived in today’s mail and, they are just as advertised; new without tags, awesome, fabulous and….too damn big.

I am debating the logic of reselling them on eBay or eating my weight in chocolate until they do fit.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. Are the jeans too big in like a day where you are bloated they would fit fine, or too big in that you put them on an they slide below the knees? I think it is a tough call. I'd probably keep them and wear a belt if it was doable...