Friday, May 11, 2007

Fingernails on a Chalkboard

There are few things that I enjoy less than socializing with strangers; subjecting myself to extended periods of the above mentioned sound, for example. Or, bathing my hands in lemon juice following an unsuccessful attempt at avoiding paper cuts while stuffing envelopes. Or, out the cat's litter box....with my tongue.

Last week, however; I was invited to attend a fundraiser planning party for our Youth Baseball Association. I came by the initiation via the Mayberry Grapevine, i.e.: So and So told So and So that you like to be involved in community projects and So and So concurred so, So and So thought that they would call and introduce themselves and hey! Why don’t you come and spend several hours with us brainstorming fundraising ideas and knocking back Margaritas?!

Under normal circumstances, I would have politely declined (see above: paragraph One of this document) but; they kinda had me at Margaritas.

So, I am going to spend tomorrow afternoon in the company of women whom I have never met. With whom I have never, with the exception of a handful of telephone conversations, spoken to. Women I would not know if they approached me on the street and goosed my heinie while singing love ballads from Bon Jovi (what? That doesn't happen were you come from?). And, the crazy thing is, I’m actually looking forward to it.

The way I figure it, at the very worst, I will have little in common with these women and will be uninterested in helping them with the fundraiser (although, we do already have in common the fact that our sons participate in the youth baseball league. And that they also appear to like the Margaritas; one must never discount the power of Tequila in forging strong and lasting alliances. Which, is probably why we never see a Tequila reward on Survivor. And, I digress). On the other hand, I could find myself in the company of women whom I would like to get to know better and, there is very seldom a downside to that, so…I’m getting prettied up and I’m going.

Should anyone expect me to give the hostess's litter box a tongue-sweep however; I’m grabbing the tequila and I am outta there.

Other plans for the weekend include housecleaning, yard work, catching up on our Netflix queue and, possibly, a trip to the swimming pool on Sunday.

Which...huh; is it really any wonder I would take a risk on total strangers for my weekend entertainment?


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Hi - I came over from Amy's Scavenger Hunt. Have fun at the fundraiser planning party - I'd probably go for the Margaritas too!

  2. im with you, I hate people