Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Asserting Our Independence

Hugh and I are going to meet with his parents this weekend to discuss the terms for our purchase of the family business. I am a little nauseous. Although, the nausea is probably a result of the Really Bad Headache© that hit me during a meeting with several members of my Board of Directors earlier today, rather than on the impending change of my career status.

Even still, the process is more than a bit scary and, while totally worth it in the long run; anxiety producing.

Tomorrow should be a nice day, though. We are hosting a BBQ for a few close friends followed by Fireworks Extravaganza 2007. Hugh purchased a butane torch with which to light his five million fountains, bottle rockets and sparklers and I attached the garden hose to the spigot on the front porch.

Because he is all about efficiency and I’m a safety girl.

Anyhoodle, here’s hoping your Independence Day is safe and enjoyable and that none of your neighbors have the audacity to subject you to hour upon hour of loud noises and profanity. Like that which my neighbors will have to endure.

Really Bad Headache© is code for a headache that starts with an M and ends with me writhing about on the bathroom floor in agony. The M word is verboten in my family as its simple utterance has been known to cause a reaction in certain family members. Sorry Sis.


  1. my goodness do the two of you ever you know, relax?

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Have a happy 4th and try to relax!