Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Live From Mayberry

Yesterday’s trip was mostly uneventful save for a bout of carsickness suffered by The Girl. She was courteous enough not to puke in the new car and for that I am most grateful. Also, I will forgive her criticism of my chosen travel music because no child of mine could possibly dis the musical stylings of The Partridge Family, Wild Cherry, and Lynard Skynard unless they were ill.

Anyway, we are well ensconced in Grandparentsville and the spoiling has begun. This morning, The Man-Cub requested, and received, pancakes and eggs over-easy. The Girl is still sleeping and it is well past the time that she should be up. I am drinking a cup of coffee that I didn’t have to make and there is a good possibility that I won’t have to clean out the coffee pot.

Life is so good right now.

Later today, I am meeting one of my college roomies for lunch. I’ve decided that she needs a name since College Roomie is tiresome to type and because there are five other lovely ladies who can claim the title as well which, could get quite confusing on the rare occasions that we are all together. So, she needs a name and, obviously I can’t use her real name what with all the crazies on the internet and all. So, I suppose the Christian thing to do would be to ask her what she wants me to call her, but, since we all know that the last time I darkened the threshold of a church was ages ago; I’m going to call her Phoebe.

It is my blog after all. Besides, she has always reminded my dad of Phoebe from Friends and she has been known to answer him when he calls her that which means; she totally brought this on herself.

After lunch with Phoebe, my mom and I are going antiquing and then, who knows? After all, part of the pleasure of being on an unplanned and unscheduled vacation is not knowing what will happen next.

Speaking of; The Man-Cub just informed me that he accidentally dropped one of his eggs in his lap. He was wearing nothing but his underwear (apparel allowed at the breakfast table by Grandparents, apparently) and he now has “Eggs on his junk. Eggs on his junk, Mom! What is he supposed to do now?!”


Like I said, life is so good right now.


  1. "Eggs on his junk." Too funny. Have a great time!

  2. Just stopped by to say hello! Haven't chatted in awhile. Glad that all is well with you!