Wednesday, July 18, 2007

God Is Good and the Grapevine Sucks

Contrary to what the Mayberry Grapevine had to say (oh my god! He’s on the verge of death! He’s going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life!); the man who was The Boy is doing well. He was even released from the hospital and allowed to go home which, come to think of it, is information that also comes courtesy of the Mayberry Grapevine so, really, who the fuck knows?

But! I prefer to think happy thoughts.

Also, I prayed hard, y’all and the Lord did not disappoint which means I should probably do something godly in return like, um….give up cussing or start tithing on a regular basis.

Right. I’ll get right on that.

Hugh will be thrilled to hear this latest development. And, by that, I mean the development about The Boy's health, not about my sudden ban on cussing (Hugh likes the salty wench side of me thankyouverymuch) or about my decision to start pledging ten percent of our monthly income to the holy Catholic church. He will welcome the good news about the Boy's health because, since I first heard about The Boy’s aneurysm, or stroke, or whatever it is they finally decided to call it; I have been acting as though Hugh is the next in line for a heart attack or something. Seriously, I made him promise to stop eating bacon, people. And, Hugh likes his bacon.

So, to recap:
The man who was The Boy, much healed.
The Mayberry Grapevine, total suckage.
God, freaking awesome.
Bacon, back on the menu. Maybe.

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  1. So happy to hear that God pulled through for you! I hope the Boy/Man continues to heal!

    I understand Hugh, My Tom would not be happy to lose bacon in his life either.