Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mission Accomplished, No Arrests Made.

It took forty-five minutes, one hell of a big saw, a crowbar and a giant sledgehammer but; Hugh recovered the impression of The Girl’s feet from the sidewalk in front of the aquatics center. We are now the proud owners of a hunk of cement twelve inches square by five inches thick and weighing eighty pounds. We are so proud.

My reunion weekend was a total blast. I got to see a number of my classmates, we got reaquainted with one another over drinks at the cocktail mixer and carried it throughout the parade party, picnic and formal dinner (at which we dined on the worst roast beast in the history of meat, I swear). I also got the satisfaction of knowing that, while the results of Operation Hottie By July were not all I had hoped for, due to the ravages visited upon some of my peers by alcohol and drugs; I was hot by default.

Hey, I’ll take it. Also, clean living is in, you heard it here first.

Still, three days of parades, rodeos, dances, concerts, class picnics and reunion dinners kicked my ass. I am exhausted. It was totally worth it, of course. Aside from the reunion fun; getting the chance to catch up with Phoebe and Jules was awesome. We blabbed and gabbed for hours and that is no exaggeration, I promise. I also screwed up the courage to chat with The Man Who Was the Boy at one of the rodeos and he is doing remarkably well. On an aside, I opened the conversation with something along the lines of “Hey, sorry it took your brain attacking you to get me to say hello after sixteen years but, um, yeah.”

I admit it was a wee bit awkward but; his short-term memory was affected by the stroke so he’s probably forgotten it by now anyway.

Yes, yes, I know; I’m going to burn in Hell, yada-yada.

In other news, my kids stayed in Mayberry with my parents for the next week. Hugh and I aren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves; last night we sat on the couch staring at each other like “O-kay...what now?” Hugh suggested fornication but, we were both pretty tired so…not so much.

Clean living aside; we are old. But, not too old to show sidewalks who's the boss.


  1. The concrete is so cool!

  2. That is awesome! Glad it was successful. :)

  3. Me again. I need help signing in. Stupid work computer.

  4. Can I just tell you again how much I love you. :) Oh, if we weren't a million miles apart.

  5. I am inappropriately (considering we're strangers, I mean) happy and relieved that you got your daughter's feetie prints.