Monday, July 23, 2007

Locked and Loaded

Tahoe washed and vacuumed, check.
Oil changed, fluids checked, gas tank filled, check.
Manicures and pedicures for The Girl and myself, check.
Kids’ suitcases packed, check.
Hugh instructed to feed the cat and water the tomato plants, check.
Board members instructed to leave me the hell alone, check.
iPod playlist downloaded, check.
Case of fresh local sweet corn ordered for morning delivery, check.

I guess I’m ready to leave tomorrow!

Except for packing my own suitcase, that is.

A full week of eating my mother's home cooking, sleeping past six a.m., sunning myself in their backyard while reading a good book, watching my children enjoy the company of their grandparents and cousins and re-connecting with old classmates while memorizing snarky details to later share with my younger sister....

.....can you say, squee!?


  1. yes, i can say squeee, but its not very gentlemanly.

    enjoy yourself