Friday, July 13, 2007

Not Your Average Bear

I love yoga. I’ve been practicing the discipline for the past two years and feel that I have benefited greatly from the increased strength and flexibility that it has provided me. Hugh, not placing much faith in Eastern medicine, scoffed at the notion that it could prove beneficial to him as well, but; I insisted that it could, especially considering the lower-back problems that he has been experiencing since being involved in a car accident a number of years ago.

A couple of nights ago, I finally convinced him to give yoga a shot and, as the children looked on in amusement, we proceeded to run through a number of poses and transitions.

The following day, Hugh was extremely sore. And, you know pissed.

But! I convinced him that the soreness was a sign that his body needed to continue with the practice and that, in time, he would be limber and free of pain. And, since he is a sucker; he believed me and agreed to try again last night and.....

....he could barely get out of bed this morning which leads me to believe that he is probably not destined to become a yogi.

His children, on the other hand, just might be.

And they totally get that from their mother.

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