Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back On

Friday’s Cortisone Flare magically disappeared yesterday and I am now officially back together with Cortisone; he loved me all along and was just playing hard to get.

My heel felt so good at yesterday’s wrestling tournament that I was able to stay on my feet for the entire day. In fact, I would have declared myself 100% fit were it not for the fact that my throat burned with the fire of a million lava-filled volcanoes and the act of taking a deep breath threw me into coughing spasms. Like, really; I actually coughed hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.

(Also, I am eternally grateful for my devoted attention to Keggle exercises following the births of both my children.)

I have arrived at the conclusion that I will never be completely well again; if not for one thing, it will be another.


In happier news, the Man-Cub took first place at the tournament. Of course, who would have doubted he would? After all; he has the perfect practice dummy on which to perfect his moves.

And, lucky for him, she is a damn good sport.

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