Thursday, March 20, 2008

Grody, Grody, Grody

My sunburn started peeling yesterday. And, by peeling, I mean that actual sheets of dead skin are sloughing off my body in large quantities and in rapid succession.


I look like a lizard. Or, a snake, take your pick.

And, lord have mercy; I itch. I itch so badly that I have forgone any semblance of modesty and I openly-and frantically- scratch my boobs each time a sheet of putrid epidermis falls into my bra which, by the way, happens often, making me the least modest leper in the colony.

In less grody news (grody, ha! I haven’t used that word in ages! Don’t you love it? Grody. Ga-roooowdy. Say it ten times fast and see if you don’t), I finally cleaned my house yesterday. Rowdie is shedding like a sumbitch and I am struggling to keep up with the fur tumbleweeds that have been gathering near the baseboards. I am so tempted to shave that damn dog, it isn’t even funny.

Hmm, pet-hair tumbleweeds are pretty damn grody, too; I guess it wasn’t less grody news. Let’s try again.

Tomorrow is Good Friday which means the end of Lent* and…dum, dum, da….I GET TO EAT A FREAKING CHOCOLATE BAR!!!!

Then, the Easter Bunny will come hop-hop-hoppin' along on Saturday night which means that I will have a plethora of chocolate goodies from which to choose! I even have a plan for distracting the children while I raid their baskets and, this year, it is sure to succeed.

And, that my friends, is not grody at all.

*Actually, Lent officially ends with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday. Bet you didn’t know that. Also, my mom is wiping away the tears, she is so proud of me for knowing it. Either that or she didn't know it and is now thumbing through her Catholic Manual wondering if I am correct and, if so, how did that happen?


  1. You are a better catholic than I--I thought it ended sunday, on Easter!

    Enjoy your chocolate!

  2. I tried to give up alcohol for Lent, too- until my friends persuaded me that Protestants do not HAVE to give anything up for Lent, technically, and that I was just trying to show them up. So it only lasted about two weeks. Good for you for sticking with it! I could never have even ATTEMPTED to give up chocolate at this point in my life. Some days it's all that keeps me hangin' on!