Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring Wish List

-Warmer temperatures, at this point, 60 would be welcome.

-I would like to wash my car and not have it snow immediately thereafter.

-Landscaping; if I have to go one more mud season without grass in the back yard, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

-More hours in the day to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish.

-A bumper crop of tulips and daffodils; after enduring a ridiculously long and frigid winter, I deserve to have fabulous flowerbeds to show for it.

-I would like to feel better; the pain in my foot being the first thing I would like to say buh-bye to.

-A cute new hairstyle, I am in a rut and in need of something different.

-A play-date with my college roommates.

-A tighter tushie, boobs that defy gravity, a winning lottery ticket, and, of course; world peace.

It is a wish list after all.


  1. Ha, FORTY would be a welcome temperature around here. As it always snows well into March for us, I am not getting too excited about the impending arrival of spring. Trying, anyways. And boy do I hear you on the mud thing. After spending five minutes at least wiping the dog's paws after every time he goes outside, I feel defeated and ready to give in to the filth.

  2. I would love lots of beautiul flowers right now!