Thursday, March 06, 2008

Help! My Arches Have Fallen and They Can’t Get Up!

My new podiatrist is a very nice man, of course; I would say that about any man who was willing to fondle my feet.

He did cause me the slightest bit of discomfort however when he asked me if my bunions ever bothered me.

I was all wha? My wha?

Because, when I think bunions I think, well, bunions

Yick. Gag. Gross.

My feet are pretty and, frankly, bunion free…..

See? Bunion-free. I’m just sayin’.

On the other hand, the good doctor did give me a most lovely shot of cortisone which immediately eliminated the pain caused by my plantar fasciitis (yes, Dr. Google was correct in his diagnosis) so, I will forgive him for accusing me of having bunions.

Bunions, for the love of God.

So, yeah, plantar fascitis; I return to the good doctor next Monday to have my foot casted for my orthopedic inserts. I elected to have them custom-made as opposed to purchasing the generic model available in the office because I want to do it right. Also, my insurance will totally cover the $395 cost and, contrary to popular opinion, I am not stupid.

So, to recap: Arches have fallen like the London Bridge, cortisone is my new best friend, I have no bunions and I am not stupid.

I've had quite a busy morning.