Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As Predicted, YeeOuch!

My hamstrings, quads and butt are so sore today, I have a hard time walking up and down our stairs. Did that stop me from running three miles on the treadmill at the local gym? It did not. It may have been responsible for the whimpering and gnashing of teeth during the entire three miles, however and; to the lady on the treadmill next to me, I’m really sorry about that.

I predict even more soreness tomorrow and, in an epic bit of fabulous planning on my part, I also get to endure my annual mammogram so; it won’t just be my lower body that hates me come tomorrow evening.

Oh, and if you are wondering if I followed my own advice in scheduling the exam, oh, hellz no; I am smack dab in the middle of PMS Territory.

I am a genius.

And, sore, did I mention sore?

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