Friday, December 11, 2009

We Don’t Sell Clues, Either

Today, a man openly and loudly berated me for not having any cranberry juice in stock and, Oh, my good heavens, was it because I am stupid? Do I not know how good cranberry juice is for people? He's man's got urinary tract issues and he needs the magical juice of the cranberry so, how can it be that we don’t sell cranberry juice?!! How?! How can it be?!!!

To which I replied, dude, this is a hardware store.

We do sell signs, though and, here's yours

That'll be $1.50, asshole.


  1. Ha ha! I, having the urinary tract issues myself, always have cranberry juice on hand at our house. Where do I go to buy it?
    THE GROCERY STORE. But maybe next time just for fun I'll see if Lowe's has any.

  2. He thought he was at the Wal-Marts. ;)

  3. Should have asked him if HE had any cranberry juice for sale.