Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Colder than a Witch’s… Well, You Know

Our high today was 15 degrees. I’m not sure what the overnight low was because I was cocooned inside my down duvet, underneath a wool blanket, dressed in long underwear and a thermal nightgown (so sexy!) and could not be bothered to check the outdoor thermometer but; I’m guessing it was cold.

On the way to school this morning, The Teenager bemoaned the newly-fallen cold snow and expressed her fervent displeasure of the frigid temperatures and, I was thisclose to reminding her that the temperatures in Mayberry will be even more frigid when we go there for Christmas but; the image of her nose hairs gluing together in the outdoor air was not one that I wanted her to carry with her to math class, given her mind’s propensity to go wandering off topic as it is.

Speaking of wandering minds…wait, what was I saying? Hugh’s Christmas lights just blinked on outside my window and I was distracted by the shiny…um, so, yeah, have I mentioned that it’s really cold?

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  1. You guys should really bring everyone down here next christmas! It's oh, around 85 today.