Monday, December 14, 2009

We’re Having a Heat Wave

44 degrees today. It’s positively muggy outside and, lest you have forgotten that my blood runs thin as water in my veins (ice water); I will remind you that I like heat hence, I’m loving the warmer temperatures.

I even managed to spend my volunteer hour on the elementary school playground in relative comfort this morning, no frozen toes or fingers although; my ass did stiffen up into its’ normal state of a Gluteus Ice-blockius as it is wont to do no matter how warm the temperature (ice water running through my veins, remember). Its ok, I cranked up the seat-warmer in the Tahoe and was marginally thawed out within a few minutes of leaving the school.

So, yes, warmer weather, yay (impending snowstorm, a given)!

The thaw started yesterday, which made our annual family cookie decorating party seem slightly less festive (we usually run the gas fireplace for ambience which, yesterday, would have resulted in less warm glowy Christmas and more hot, sweaty Christmas) but, we soldiered on.

Hugh’s attempts at decorating have certainly improved over the course of our sixteen year marriage and, this year he totally threw down the gauntlet, challenging me to beat him in a cookie vs. cookie duel to the death and, while his early efforts were, I admit, totally lovely and extremely detailed; his efforts as the chore drew on became, shall we say, less impressive as evidenced by this

A wreath-shaped cookie that inexplicably became The Christmas Goldfish.

I know; I’m still reeling from the confusion, myself.

Anyhoodle, here are our best efforts at a reindeer.

If you are interested in voting on which cookie is better decorated, please drop a comment. If not, I’ll simply declare victory and, once again, anoint myself Cookie Decorating Queen. If, by some strange twist of events, Hugh should garner the most votes, he’ll take the title this year and I will eat crow (and I’ll make him wear a tiara and a sash, I swear I will).

I’m counting on you all to make the right (get it, RIGHT) decision.*

Because, if Hugh beats me at decorating cookies, the recent heat wave will be replaced by hell freezing over and, you do not want that on your conscience, now do you?

The reindeer on the right, if you get my drift.


  1. Clearly the cookie on the right is the better decorated of the two, but I think we ALL want to hear you call Hugh "The Cookie Decorating QUEEN", tiara and sash or not.

  2. I liked the cookie on the right. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Can I vote for the goldfish?