Thursday, December 17, 2009

In a Surprising Twist, Hugh Vehemently Refuses to Wear the Sash and Tiara

On the other hand, he has to sleep sometime.

In another surprising twist, the president of Rocky Mountain Cable called Hugh to apologize for the inadequacies of our cable subscription and, for a brief panic-filled moment I was all Blog stalker! Blog Stalker! Then I remembered that Hugh has been pestering the poor man for at least the past six months and, that, in an unprecedented show of customer service; the man has actually been returning said calls on a fairly regular basis (president of Rocky Mountain Cable, you rock! Rocky Mountain Cable... you still suck).

Hugh’s most recent complaint had to do with the audio and video being swapped between two channels resulting in the audio for something akin to the  Jerry Springer Show playing on the Cartoon Network.

As an aside, you have not lived until you have heard SpongeBob SquarePants call Patrick a stupid, redneck son of a bleeeeep for getting his sister knocked up with his stupid bleeeeping redneck bastard child. Seriously.

The President of the company assurred Hugh that the technical error was being addressed and that our bill will be duly adjusted. So, the service still sucks but, we are paying fifty percent less for said suckage.

And, discount or not, SpongeBob looks phenomenal on a large screen, regardless of the profanity spewing forth from his porous cake-hole.

Now, I am off to rummage through The Teenager's old dress-up trunk for a sash and a tiara; I seem to recall her having them although, on second thought; maybe it was a feather boa she used to play with and not a sash. Hmm....

 Eh, either way.

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  1. Go DirecTv. I've never regretted having it, they've been wonderful.