Sunday, December 06, 2009

Still In Search Of

The holiday Spirit continues to elude me despite watching twelve hours of the Hallmark Channel’s schmaltzy Christmas programming, baking six dozen cookies and making another trip to the store wherein actual gifts were purchased.

Indeed, the closest I have come to touching the Spirit was yesterday when I managed to refrain from chiding the Man-Cub for playing with his Leggos under the tree; watching him perform a detailed and animated exchange between a Leggos Storm Trooper and his favorite Snoopy ornament reminded me of the years that my sister and I would push around the presents under the tree, making room for Barbie furniture for our doll’s amazing Christmas houses and laying on our backs, staring dreamily up through the glittering branches as we excitedly guessed at what Santa might be bringing us.

I might have felt a tear at the sweetness of the memory, it’s hard to tell though because, my left eyelid has been randomly twitching for the past month and, sometimes I confuse the sensations.

Last night, the children left their letters to Santa under their pillows, as is our custom and, this morning; they were greeted by the customary trail of elf dust and chocolate coins. Actually, the Man-Cub discovered his bounty prior to the morning because, during the night, he got sick to his stomach and, following a vomit field-trip to the bathroom, gave in to his curiosity and lifted his pillow. He assures me that the stomachache came prior to eating the chocolates and not after although, a little virus in no way stopped him from indulging in his reward as evidenced by the gold wrappers strewn across his bed this morning.

Since it is the season for mercy, I have chosen to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, today the children and I are making my famous cut-sugar cookies and, if that doesn’t kick-start the Spirit in me, nothing will.

So, yes, fingers crossed.

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  1. Yumm Sugar cookies! Send some my way. :) I have to start the fudge making soon!!