Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is It Really Only Wednesday?

This week is crawling by; I need it to be Friday already.

On the home front, I am still the reigning Cookie Queen. I may, however, still dress Hugh in a tiara and sash just for the fun of it.

In other news, I still have two Christmas presents to purchase as well as a multitude of stocking stuffers to procure before we leave for Mayberry on the 22nd.

The 22nd is also Hugh’s 40th birthday and, much like the little drummer boy, I have no gift to bring (pah, rump, a, pum, pum). All of the ideas that I had for birthday gifts somehow found their way under the Christmas tree (which is what happens when a birthday falls so close to Christmas, or so I am told) and then I got bored with the searching so; no present as of yet. I have faith in my ability to pull it out in the lurch, however and I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Speaking of which, one thing Hugh really did want was a new TV for our living room and, I would have purchased one had it not been for the fact that he rushed right out and bought one last weekend after spying it at an all time low price in the newspaper circular. So, now we have a gigantic flat screen TV.

The irony of having such a nice piece of technology lies in the fact that we also have the world’s worst cable provider (Rocky Mountain Cable, I’m looking at you); now we can watch truly crappy cable on a truly lovely screen. Irony, the gift that keeps on giving no matter the season.

But, seriously, still only Wednesday?


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  1. Sounds like the hubby bought a big enough birthday gift for himself... you've got way too many other gifts to stress out about right now!!!