Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapter Two in the Unending Saga of Our Former Cable Provider

A month or so ago Hugh got a bill from the company that took over our bankrupt cable company; a bill! For services not rendered since we switched to Dish, what, two months ago? A bill for $41 which was more than we were paying back when we had the crappy cable service.

Needless to say, the bill amused Hugh greatly and, he took great pleasure in calling the new company to inform them that we are, under no circumstances, paying for a service that we are neither receiving nor which we wish to receive, like, ever.

The receptionist at the company apologized for the error and explained that the company had merely taken over the now-defunct company’s client list and had billed based on its latest information which, seriously? They couldn’t be bothered to check into the names on the list to confirm that the people were still, I don’t know, receiving their services?

Of course, based on the number of Direct TV and Dish Network trucks I have seen parked at homes throughout town the past month or two, I’m guessing that, had that happened; they would have been greatly dismayed by the response.

Anyway, the receptionist promised to remove our name from the billing list and life went on, albeit with 280+ more channels than ever before.

So, guess what came in yesterday’s mail?

I’m not a psychic but, I think there may very well be flying monkeys in the new cable company’s immediate future.

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