Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Flashback: You Can Break My Arm but Please Don’t Break My Heart

Today’s flashback is an entry that I wrote on this blog on June 29, 2007…

Earlier today, the Cub discovered that he is not, in fact, a Superhero and therefore, cannot fly. Well, maybe he can fly but his landings suck. In short, he broke his wrist after falling (jumping with the intention of flying) out of a swing at the daycare.

In typical Man-Cub fashion, he didn’t cry about the pain, instead, choosing to suck it up and soldier on. But, once the wrist swelled to a nice plump ham hock-looking specimen, the director of the daycare could indulge him no longer and called Hugh in for a consult. He agreed with her determination that an x-ray was probably called for, alerted me and; off to the ER we went.

The Cub finally cried upon receiving confirmation of the fracture. Not because it hurt but, because he realized that his baseball season was over, two games and a tournament short of the rest of his team.

He recovered his good cheer once I promised that he could be the dugout manager rather than a bench-warmer at tonight's double-header and, once again; all was right with the world.

Even better; his streak of annual visits to the ER remains intact.

On a related note; if I survive his childhood, it will be a miracle.

I chose this entry because the Man-Cub broke his arm again last night and reading it was like déjà vu all over again.

Yep, he broke his arm, again. This time he was riding his bike at the BMX track when the chain suddenly malfunctioned, sending him ass over teakettle. Unlike his mother, he lacks the fat pads necessary to prevent breaks when he falls and, the result was yet another trip to the emergency room for X-rays and a splint.

Next Thursday, after the swelling has gone down, he will get his cast which, I am hoping, will be waterproof.

The cast will have to stay on right up until the day before we leave for our two-week Disney trip and then it is coming off if Hugh has to cut it off himself which, ironically, he did the last time the Cub was broken because, otherwise, the Cub wouldn’t have gotten to ride on the carnival rides at Stampede.

So, the good news is, he will get to enjoy Disney. The bad news is, this time he really is screwed for carnival rides because there is no way in hell I am letting his father cut that sonofabitch off two weeks early.

On a related note, I gave up wine a few weeks back to accommodate that crazy-ass diet that Jana had me on. Currently, I am rethinking that decision.

I shall keep you posted.

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  1. NOOOOOOO, Don't give up the wine! That's makes all things bearable!