Thursday, June 03, 2010

Something in the Air is Kicking My Ass

My head hurts, I am toting dark circles under my eyes and my nose is stuffy and runny, simultaneously. I’m a natural freak-show is what I am and, I’m not alone; lots of people in town are complaining about their allergies this year, apparently it is a very good year to be a pollen molecule if annoying the general human populace is what you are striving for.

On a totally unrelated subject, The Teenager has been camping in Utah with Kaz since Monday. She is due back tomorrow and, while I’m glad she has had a good time, I’ve missed her and will be happy to have her home again.

I think the Man-Cub has missed her as well, despite his insistence that he really, really likes being an only child on occasion.

Now, my head is killing me and typing isn’t helping at all, which, shocking, huh? Yeah, you might want to file that gem of information away for future reference.

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