Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sometimes a Mole is Just a Mole

I took the Man-Cub to the dermatologist today to have a mole on his back checked. The mole had gotten bigger lately and had changed color; two things that had me more than a bit concerned. The dermatologist was thorough in his examination of the mole and, after peering at it through his super-powered magnifying goggles, declared it benign if not a bit ugly. His explanation for the recent change in size was simple; the Man-Cub is likewise growing, like, duh, crazy-paranoid mom person. The color change didn’t bother him in the least, either; although, as I said, he did comment on its unattractiveness as well as suggesting that we go ahead and have it removed once the Cub is thirteen or so.

So. No melanoma; life is good.

After the appointment, the Cub and I ran by Sam’s Club where I stocked up on bulk condiments for the numerous picnics, BBQs, cook-outs and boating lunches that we will be having in the next few months. The Cub also managed to throw a commercial-sized bottle of chocolate syrup into the cart so; it looks like he can count on having his chocolate milk well into the foreseeable future.

Then, we drove the forty-five miles home.

Tomorrow, I get to make the drive back to Neighboring City to drop The Teenager and one of her teammates off at volleyball camp. Although she is looking forward to attending the camp, she admits to being a bit nervous about the sleep-away aspect of the camp and, not just because the only twin-sized sheets that I could dig up for her to take feature either Buzz Lightyear or Sully and Mike from Monsters, Inc.

Hey, at least she has a choice and, she'll do just fine at camp. Hell, she might enjoy the cafeteria well enough to move the school to the top of her college wish-list, you know, since the tastiness and volume of the cafeteria food is the criteria upon which she is basing her college selection, currently.

In other news, and, speaking of food; my garden is growing quite well. I harvested all my radishes and, believe me when I say that I could feed a small nation with them. If radishes were all they needed to survive, that is.

The rest of the plants are doing well, too. In fact, it looks like I should have a bumper crop of beets, lettuce, spinach and arugula within the next week or so. The various squashes, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and peppers will be a while yet but, I am a patient woman.

You know, except when I’m not.

In other other news, I recently started a new fad diet. Jana lost thirty-some pounds on the plan and could not say good enough things about it. The best thing I can say about it is that I lasted a week. So, Summer of 2010 Epic Diet Failure, check.

On the bright side, at least I am consistent in my failure as evidenced by Epic Diet Failure, circa 1999-2009.

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