Monday, June 07, 2010

Doesn’t Look Like We’ll Be Needing That Shovel After All

The Teenager and her boyfriend broke up and, it was a lot less dramatic than I remember break-ups being. For one thing, it was conducted by text message and MySpace traffic and didn’t feature even one instance of tear-filled conversation. Actually, there were no tears at all, that I am aware of. Instead, The Teenager casually informed me that they were done and, that while it had to do with him deciding that he liked one of her friends better; she knows a lot of boys who like her and, fish in the sea, yada, yada.

Here’s hoping the next catch will also encourage her to study and to go out for sports, otherwise; we might need a shovel after all.

On a totally unrelated subject, last night, Jana and I went to see Sex and the City 2. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the critics had led us to believe it was going to be and, when it comes out on DVD, I am totally buying it. Not because it was a great movie but, because; it has inspired in me the idea for a new drinking game.

Every time someone watching it says “What the hell is she wearing?” Drink!

“What the hell is that on her head?” Drink!

“Oh my god, Carrie’s become a nag.” Drink!

I think it has a future on college campuses, right up there with Beer Pong, Quarters and Thumper.

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  1. Well, that idea makes me rethink my initial annoyance at the film. What an inspired game.
    And yes, my gosh, Carrie's nagging was the worst part of the whole movie. It was like, "Oh my GOSH woman, WHAT are you whining about now?" Were we all supposed to sympathize with her?!