Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Flashback: Friday Afternoon Club

Most college towns have bars, am I right? And, most college-town bars offer something referred to as The Friday Afternoon Club, right? Ok, maybe not in your college town but, in my neck of the woods, it is a common custom.

Attending Friday Afternoon Club, or, FAC, as it was more commonly known, was a huge part of my college weekend experience. It was a time to enjoy the company of my friends, to scout out the cute boys (and the competition for said cute boys) and to revel in the college experience without busting the bank for, you see; most FAC parties featured drink specials and, if you happened to be female, the specials were especially good for you.

Poor boys, I don’t know how they survived. Oh wait, yes I do; Ramen Noodles, mac’n’cheese and girlfriends who bought their drinks at FAC utilizing the “special” price, and, I digress.

My roommates and I favored a bar called The Solid Muldoon for our FAC jaunts. It was just down the hill from campus and was quite popular with most students. Right next door was Shooters, another popular bar and favorite spot for dancing and acting like a typical teenager following the specials at Solids.

The only problem with our favorite bars of choice were that they didn’t serve discounted food during FAC, for that we visited bars in the local hotels, specifically The Holiday Inn where one could eat their fill of mini tacquittos and nachos while fending off the advances of the creepy older men staying at the hotel on “business”.

The Holiday Inn was also a favorite spot of ours for after-hours hot-tubbing but, that is a story for another day.

So, after filling our stomachs with as much free and inexpensive food as possible at the Holiday, we would caravan to Solids for drink specials followed by frenetic dancing and carousing at Shooters. Sometimes, after a particularly wild FAC, we would cruise the main drag in town, hooting at the cute boys and singing at the tops of our lungs. Sometimes, we stopped at the public library and stole roses from it's fabulous gardens. Hey, don't judge me; at least we didn't steal props from the bar.

Remember Bartles & Jaymes? We loved these guys.

Memories from those nights are a staple in stories I tell about my college roommates. And, if you are asking what brought the subject up, today, I will tell you; tomorrow morning I am heading to the town of my college alma mater to reconnect with three of the women with whom I share these memories.

Hugh is doing me a solid by staying home with the kids while I revisit my younger years and, as always when I am with The Girls, I am going to have a blast despite the fact that we won't drink as much as we used to and, I'm relatively certain that none of us will abscond with any roses or property from the local bar.

You know, This time.

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