Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Often Say That I Would Rather Be Busy Than Bored

Well, this is certainly my lucky week.

I have a lot of work to finish before tackling one of the million and ten projects, errands, chores, jobs, etc. that I need to accomplish before the weekend so; thank goodness for last weekend’s getaway with The Girls or I would be completely insane as opposed to only semi-mentally scattered.

So, yes, the Girls’ weekend, what a blast. It is always a good time when we get together but, this time was especially fun because, not only did we all get to hang out together but, we got to see an old friend from college, someone we were pretty tight with back in the day and whom I personally hadn’t seen since before graduation. We’ve managed to keep in touch through the occasional Christmas card and, more recently, through Facebook and, in a wacky turn of events, Phoebe recently found herself in need of some solid legal representation, coincidentally; this friend has become a pretty hotshot attorney. Kismet. Serendipity, all that jazz (also, two of my favorite words in the English language, in case you ever need a bit of completely banal trivia about me).

So, this friend, I’ll call him Keith, for that is his name, and his wife were in town last weekend, which was also a nice coincidence (or, serendipity, or kismet) and we were able to meet up with them and their two (absolutely gorgeous) children for lunch. While we were eating, one of Keith’s old college roommates, whom we also hung out with and knew quite well back then, joined us and it was like a college reunion right there in the restaurant.

Keith’s friend was not expecting to see all of us and we obviously made quite an impression although, as he admitted later, he shouldn’t have been surprised; we were all joined at the hip back then so, really, why should now be any different? In fact, had two or three of the other Girls been able to make the trip, it would have been a typical college Saturday lunch all over again. Well, minus the ten small children in attendance, obviously.

After lunch, The Girls headed to the home of Jules and her family where we enjoyed an evening of wine, hard lemonade, grilled burgers and toasted marshmallows. We broke out the old photo albums and bemoaned the fact that we can’t remember last names well enough to be able to facebook-stalk old acquaintances, conquests and enemies and then gossiped and told old stories until bedtime.

The following morning I made my college breakfast specialty-Mickey Mouse pancakes and we enjoyed what was left of our time together. Of course, when it was time to go, there was the usual sadness but, this time, we know that only a month will pass before we are reunited once again, at stampede, in Mayberry.

So, I journeyed home where a million loads of laundry and five billion dust bunnies greeted me at the door along with my husband and offspring. Yesterday was a long day at work and, today will be the same only with the added joy of a baseball game and a trip to the dentist where, with any luck, I will finally have a small chip in my bottom front tooth sanded down so as to keep my tongue from constantly rubbing up against it. Fingers crossed. Also, take my advice and be very careful when munching on popcorn kernels.

Tomorrow, I am headed to Neighboring City for a dermatologist appointment for the Cub. Thursday I get to drive there again to drop The Teenager off at volleyball camp. Friday I have a full workday plus a baseball game and, Saturday, if the Gods of Good Weather smile upon us, I am collapsing on the boat with a bottle of sunscreen, a good book and my iPod.

Please, please, please let the Gods smile upon us; if the weather is nasty I will find myself cleaning my house and weeding the garden and, despite what I said about being busy rather than bored, I could realllly use a good dose of boredom for the weekend.

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  1. Don't look at the weather forecast for this weekend.