Monday, November 15, 2010

All’s Well That Ends…Without Bloodshed

My day with The Teenager went quite well. We enjoyed several hours of shopping, indulged in peppermint mochas at Starbucks, gorged ourselves on Chinese (food, in case you were confused. Or,you know, nervous if you happen to be Chinese), volunteered an hour of our time at the fundraiser set-up and managed to stay awake through Neil Simon’s Broadway Bound at the local community theater; the staying awake part being a bigger challenge for The Teenager than for me since I actually enjoy theater while she would prefer ritualistic torture to bettering herself through culture. And, yes, if you asked her; I’m sure she would say they are one and the same.

Anyhoo. Time spent with my daughter in any endeavour is time well spent and I plan to arrange another Girl’s Day, soon.

The boys, on the other hand, didn’t fare quite as well and, despite two consecutive days of stalking through the woods in knee-deep snow, Bambi lives. On the bright side, no one got frostbite or, you know, shot their eye out.

Moving on…

…work today went well. I got the last of the Christmas displays done at the store, despite the antics of one pain-in-the-ass juvenile feline who, in news not entirely coincidental, will be getting his testicles snipped off by the end of the month. Unfortunately, the mere threat of castration has no discernible effect on the cat’s determination to ruin each and every festive holiday display that I set up but, that won’t keep me from shaking my fist at him while bellowing “Off with your nuts!” as he absconds with yet another ribbon streamer, bow or jingle bell. As an aside, I wonder if cat testicles could be fashioned into a set of click-clacks.


Wait, you want to do what with my balls?

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  1. I have been without computer since my hard drive seems to have flipped its shit, so I'm just now catching up on blogs. And this one, my friend, had me laughing out loud. Thank you.