Monday, November 29, 2010

If Scrooge Had Known About Shutterfly, He Would Have Been Less, Well... SCROOGISH

Every year I wrangle the children together for our annual Christmas card photo session and folks? It. Is Never. Fun.

You know what is fun? Using Shutterfly to design cool cards using those photos. And, while the photo session might take anywhere from one to five years off my lifespan, the ease with which I place my Shutterfly order makes the life I have left worth living.

Last night, I uploaded the pictures from my most recent session of banging my head against a wall our most recent photo session. Then, I perused the enormous collection of cards from which to choose this year’s design. It was no easy task considering how awesome all of the designs are, but, I found a few favorites, designs like this

 and this.

When I was finished creating my own unique card (which you will not be seeing because it is a surprise), I spent some time looking at the fun calendar designs offered by Shutterfly. Photo calendars would make an awesome gift for friends and family so; I’m thinking of doing a sports-themed one featuring The Teenager and the Man-Cub (they do play sports year-round, after all, perfect material for a calendar). And, by thinking about it, I mean totally not doing it, Mom and Dad; the two of you are getting socks and underwear for Christmas. Say thank you!

Oooh, speaking of saying thanks, I should order some neat thank you cards to give to all the people who are kind enough to think about us this holiday season, Shutterfly has them, too. In fact, Shutterfly is one-stop shopping for people like me who enjoy using their creativity to produce one-of-a-kind gifts. Also, for people like me who hate to fight the crowds in the stores and who prefer to do their shopping from the comfort of their own homes. With a stiff drink to dull the pain from banging their head against the wall steaming mug of cocoa in their hands.

In addition, Shutterfly’s prices can’t be beat; the cards I chose normally cost a mere .90 each and they are going to be beautiful. And, free.

Ebenezer would totally approve

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