Saturday, November 13, 2010

Girls Day, No Weapons Allowed

The Teenager and I are spending the day together. First, we have to take the centerpiece I made for my women's club fundraiser to the bank at which the fundraising event will be held next Friday evening. While we are there, we are going to help the ladies set up the venue, checking out each of the festively decorated trees, centerpieces, wreaths and gift baskets. Then, we are going shopping, out to lunch, to more stores for more shopping, attending a holiday open house at a boutique owned by one of my friends, going to dinner and, finally, finishing the night at a performance of Broadway Bound at the local community theater. It’s going to be a full day and we are looking forward to it.

Plus, it will give me a chance to tease The Teenager about The Crush, which just never gets old. For me; I imagine it will start to wear thin on her right around, oh, noon or so. Maybe earlier.

Speaking of The Crush, Thursday night's dinner went quite well. That is, if you disregard the part where Hugh met the young man at the door with a gun. Oh yes, he did. And, while there is a rather long and boring story behind it (short version: he and the Man-Cub are going hunting today and he was checking their equipment so they would be ready to go), I find it far more entertaining to say that he was trying to be intimidating.

Which didn’t work at all, by the way; The Crush seemed quite unruffled and comfortable in our home. He even joked about the gun and volunteered that it could have been worse; Hugh could have met him at the door with a gun and a shovel. I think he’s going to fit in with this family and I’m guessing that, if nothing else; he and The Teenager will have a long and beautiful friendship. Minus any touchy-feely nonsense, of course, otherwise; there may very well be a gun and a shovel in his future.

And, while we are on the topic of Hugh’s guns, I will reiterate the fact that the boys are hunting today. My baby is traipsing through the woods on his first hunt. With a loaded gun; I’m going to need to focus on all the shopping that The Teenager and I are going to be doing just to keep my mind off this fact. And, while I hope he bags his first kill (gag), The Teenager and I will be bagging our own prey, starting at Sephora and working our way to the local chocolatier. For the record though, all the season-scented body wash, new make-up pallets and hand-dipped caramels in the world won’t ease my worries until we are all home safe and sound tonight.

That’s how I roll.

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  1. That should be fun. Oh, I hope this baby is a girl!