Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Earlier and Earlier and Earlier

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving lasted forever? And, then, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed to just drag on and on and on? Yeah. I miss those days.

As it stands, now, there is no downtime between Halloween and Christmas, we simply blow the candle out in the last jack-o-lantern and start hanging the holly and the ivy. This is especially true when one is involved in the retail trade as I have learned since joining Hugh at the hardware store.

For example, I put the finishing touches on our holiday window display today and, while I’m quite proud of the work I did and I really love the finished product, I am concerned about running into Holiday Burn-Out. My parents are joining us for Christmas this year and I really don’t want to be completely jaded and Scrooge-like by the time they arrive, rather; I want to be jolly and relaxed and to provide everyone with a picture-perfect holiday.

To that end, I have informed my store manager that we will, no matter what it takes; finish decking the store halls by the beginning of next week. That way, I can take a break from decorating until Thanksgiving when I will start on my home decorations. This seems like a reasonable plan and the best possible way to avoid having my head spin right off my body.

In theory.

In actuality, my head will spin off right around this time next week, anyway.

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