Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Year Older, None the Wiser

I had another birthday yesterday which officially makes me OLD. And, you know, old isn’t so bad; I get to ignore my son’s pitiful pleas for yet another ridiculously over-priced Leggo set at the Hellmouth and blame it on age-related deafness. I can excuse myself from Wii bowling on the grounds that I might snap a hip and, I get to indulge in frequent afternoon naps because that is what old people do.

Two points for aging.

Of course, when I was younger, I thought that old people had all the answers, knew what to do in any situation as well as the right thing to say for every occasion. Now, since I don’t know jack shit about anything, I have to assume that I was wrong ; aging won’t automatically make me smarter and that sucks.

I’ll take my two points back, now.

Speaking of points, I’m totally considering joining Weight Watchers Online after the first of the year. I have heard that counting points is a really easy way to help lose weight and, since I only want to lose a few pounds, it shouldn’t take very long. Plus, joining the program entitles me to recipes from the website and, lately my culinary arsenal is empty; I need new ideas.

Plus, I read somewhere that you can eat as many Christmas cookies as you want, after January 1st because calories don’t count in Christmas cookies once the holiday is over.

That’s my kind of program.

And, yeah, none the wiser, obviously.


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  1. Hey, Happy Belated Birthday! Weight Watchers rocks. I recommend the meetings though, added incentive when you have to weigh in front of someone else. :)