Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Went to the Hellmouth for Eggs and Came Home With a Zombie

As one does.

Because, it's now the middle of September which naturally means that it's time to get ready for Halloween. At least, that is what it means to retailers and, I'm not complaining; I loves me some Halloween. Also, what red-blooded American family doesn't need an animatronic zombie for their front lawn? I mean, what would our other animatronic zombie do for company?

Yeah, Hugh wasn't exactly impressed with that argument, either but, then; I casually mentioned that the new zombie  pushes itself up while making the prerequisite zombie moaning noises whereas the other zombie merely turns his head from side to side while, um, also moaning. This obvious sign of zombie evolution convinced Hugh not to hold the purchase against me. Also, I'm pretty sure I saw him rubbing his hands together in anticipation of the holiday.

In fact, I'm positive and, you know, I did forget to pick up those eggs...hmm... I should totally send him to the Hellmouth where he, too, will catch the Halloween itch and rampant purchasing of zombies will commence. OMG!  We will have our own zombie hoard!

The neighbors will be so jealous.

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