Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It's Times Like This That Make Me Wish I Used Real Names

Last night, The Teenager's volleyball team played the Pixler Panthers in what was one of the most heated competitions we have seen to date. The Teenager and her teammates went into the game fully aware of the abilities of the other team's players and, while being slightly nervous about the outcome; looked forward to the challenge.

And, it was a challenge; the Freshman team lost its' game in three sets. Happily, however, when The Teenager and her Junior Varsity teammates stepped up to their competition, they found themselves outmatched in height, alone, winning their game in two sets, with The Teenager making several critical plays. Her coach was duly impressed and The Teenager rode a natural high the rest of the evening which, came in handy later.

The Varsity team had more of a challenge but also managed to win in four sets. It was a great victory, especially considering the unsportsmanlike behavior of the teenagers in the Panther crowd and, I mean, really. I have never seen rudeness on the level that those kids exhibited, for example:

-When the girls switched courts following the first set, a large crowd of Panther teenagers moved with them, into the visitor's section, which is where we, as visitors, were sitting. They stood in front of us in the first three rows of seats and, despite being asked to sit down by several adults, including the Principal of our High School, remained standing for the entire set.

-Did I mention that they were holding large signs, further blocking our view? They were.

-When the girls switched courts following that set, the parents on our side spread out and positioned ourselves strategically throughout the visitor's section so that, when the girls switched courts again, the large crowd was stopped mid-migration. This elicited a stream of curse-words and obscene gestures from several of the more obnoxious teens despite the fact that their own Principal was standing right there.

-When they were denied seats in the visitor's section, they returned to the other side of the bleachers where they proceeded to heckle our girls on the bench, The Teenager (who was taking stats) and the Freshman and JV teams with crude sexual remarks, racial slurs, veiled and not-so-veiled threats of violence and general assholery.

And, not once were they rebuked by a parent, teacher, the Principal or the Superintendent of Schools who was also in attendance. It was a travesty.

In comparison, a large group of our football players also attended the game. They sat across the court from us, in another designated visitor's section and managed to cheer for our girls in an appropriate manner despite becoming visibly agitated by the "fans" of the home team.

We were all quite proud of our boys. and, obviously, of our girls.

Also, I am drafting a letter to the editor of the Pixler County Independent, praising the stellar job that the adults of Pixler are doing in raising polite, obedient and courteous kids.

I may also have to request that they look up the definition of sarcasm in the dictionary. Assuming any of them own one. Or, know how to use one.

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