Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Year Older, 100% More Morbid

My Christmas cards are on order, following another epic battle for the perfect picture; this particular battle took a good year off my life, easily.

That's ok, though, because today is my birthday so; I get a new year. I mean, that's how that works, right? I gain a year? That's why they add up, right? That's actually sort of backwards, if you think about it; one year older is technically one year closer to death; shouldn't we count backwards?

Have a coffee and discuss.

Or, look at some pretty pictures and forget that I just connected my birthday with my mortality; that's what I'm going to do.

Sit still, the sooner she gets a good picture, the sooner this is over and I can go back to texting my boyfriend.

Stop pinching my nipple. I can do this alllll day; I don't have a boyfriend to text and the Bronco game doesn't start til two.

Do you think she'll notice that I am sticking a lightbulb up my nose? Crap, she noticed.

I did not sign up for a family that inflicts such abuse. I do, however, up the cuteness quotient of this photo session, exponentially.

See how much easier it would be if you would just feature ME on the card? Really, Motherrrr.


  1. Happy, happy birthday!!! And I love the pics with the lights.

  2. Wow, you are so effecient, sometimes it makes me not want to be your friend! But I'll deal. :) Hope you are having a wonderful birthday and thanks for the kick in the rear!. ha