Wednesday, November 09, 2011

There's a Tickle in my Throat and I Don't Think That's Funny

I am incubating my first cold of the winter season which makes perfect sense because, yesterday, I renewed my gym membership; I always get sick just as I rededicate myself to my health and fitness. It's a conspiracy, I'm certain.

Thankfully, I am sleeping quite well. The secret appears to be having a small, warm, purring machine tucked under my chin which, is Finnigan's favorite place to sleep. In the morning, when the alarm sounds, he shows his approval of the snooze button by patting my face with his paw each time I hit it, then; he purrs us both back to sleep for another nine minutes. Awesome.

Also awesome; pomegranates are in season and relatively affordable (10 for $10 at my local supermarket). The Teenager and I have been eating one a day for the past several days and I'm sure the antioxidants can only serve to diminish the severity of this cold. Also, they are delicious and fun to eat, despite what Hugh  and the Man-Cub think (they are not fans of the pomegranate).

In unrelated news, I made my first Christmas purchase, yesterday. I am on track to finish my shopping before Thanksgiving, allowing me to enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas, as is always my goal. This year, we are headed to Mayberry to celebrate the holiday with my family and I am very much looking forward to it.

 In the meantime, The Hallmark Channel has already started showing holiday programs on the weekend, in fact; I spent a couple of hours on Sunday, working on scrapbooks while watching A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion. At one point, The Teenager and her girlfriends came into the room and asked me what I was watching and it took every bit of my self-control not to cry when they asked me who the Waltons were.

 That, right there, is the problem with today's youth.

Goodnight, John-Boy.

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  1. I have never eaten a pomegranate. Maybe I should try one. And I need a Finn. Hope you feel better!