Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

Or, you know, the holiday baking, same diff.

So, yeah, I'm starting my baking this evening and, before you say that it is too early to start baking for Christmas, allow me to remind you that I traditionally make eight varieties of cookies, two types of sweet breads (not to be confused with sweetbreads because...no...just...NO) and four or five varieties of candy, so; the earlier I start, the earlier I finish (I know, like, duh).

Tonight, the madness begins with chewy gingerbread cookies and a couple of varieties of fudge. Assuming I don't fall asleep on the couch, that is. Which? All bets are off because, lately, I am tired, like, all the time.

I Blame the exhaustion on old age, which is appropriate, since I gained that new year, yesterday. I also gained a Cricut Imagine, however so; no complaints, here. Also, my family rocks the gift giving. Now, I just have to shake the exhaustion long enough to learn how to use the Imagine.

Obviously, I'll do that while the cookies are baking. Because I clearly know how to party.

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