Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is Going to be Awesome. Or, Slightly Awful. Coin Toss!

Last year, The Teenager played volleyball on a competitive traveling team and she loved it. Although her teammates attended high school in Hooterville instead of here in Petticoat Junction; she fit right in and even made some pretty good friends. Unfortunately, because the team was based in Hooterville, we had to make the drive into town twice a week for practices which, was sort of inconvenient, so; you can imagine my delight when, this year, The Teenager was invited to play for a competitive team being organized here in Petticoat Junction.

No more trips into town. No more finding something to do for two hours while The Teenager practiced (because I was too cheap to drive back and forth, twice). No more worrying that The Teenager was missing out on unofficial team-building activities held during school hours. It's all good, right?

Well, maybeee...unfortunately, the coach of the local team is not someone that we know well and, what we have been told, has been somewhat, well...not negative, but; worrisome enough to cause me some reservations. Not enough to keep the girl from playing, obviously, just enough to make me wonder if the experience this year will be as positive as the experience last year.

On the other hand, since I really have no first-hand knowledge of the coach, I'm going to refrain from making any judgments and just see how it goes. And, I get to start, today, at a meeting to discuss the fundraisers planned by the club. So far, I've heard rumblings about Pampered Chef sales and a three-on-three volleyball tournament; both ideas that I can get behind because I think they will be more popular than the coffee sales fundraiser done by last year's club.

Also, since last year's club was coached by the Hooterville High volleyball coach, preference was given to the girls who actually attended the school, meaning, not my daughter so; with any luck, this year she will see more play-time, even if the coach does get on our nerves and, here in the adult world, we call that compromise.

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