Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Organized Disorganization. That's How I Roll

Yesterday, I gathered up all of my Halloween decorations and stored them away for another year. While I was in the attic, storing the boxes, I got a wild hair to organize and now my holiday boxes are in pristine order; I even sorted through ten years of Halloween costumes, bagging and tagging as I went and, people? We have a lot of really cute costumes. You know, if you're ever in need or anything. Anyway, this.. now neatly stored away and Thanksgiving decor has taken over the house.

While I was in an organizational mood, I rearranged the furniture on the porch in anticipation of Christmas decorations (Ugg, I said the C word before Thanksgiving! Forty lashes!). I was amazed at how warm it was outside, then, this morning; I woke up to an inch of snow. After forty-some years as a resident of Colorado, you would think I would have learned that a snowstorm is generally preceded by a warm front but, you know, I'm special that way (Or, as one of my Southern friends would say, "Oh, bless your heart").

In kitten news, Finnigan went in for his first shots, today. He was a trooper through the process and the vet couldn't believe what a love-bug he was, considering that she had just stuck him with a needle, shoved a thermometer up his butt and squirted foul-tasting liquid down his throat (Porniest blog post, evah!).

Later today, I am visiting the salon to have my roots professionally dyed. I have low expectations given how stubborn my gray is but, fingers crossed, anyway. Also, if I drop a bundle of cash on this process and I'm sporting granny-hair again by this time next week, I may have to picket. Who, what or where, I have no idea but; everyone else in the country is protesting something so I might as well get myself a cause.

Down with prematurely gray hair!

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