Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Think We Can Safely Lower the Threat Level

According to my StatCounter, someone from the Department of Homeland Security visited my blog yesterday. I'm guessing it was a bored employee searching for pictures of Ryan Reynolds' ass since, also according to my StatCounter; that is what most people are searching for when they land here.

Or, it could have been a frantic parent, searching for Toothfairy letterhead which is also a very popular search of this blog. I'm torn between hoping for that and hoping for the ass search since I would feel a bit more secure if the people charged with defending our whole country from terrorists were also capable of remembering to put two dollars under their kid's pillow.

No judgement, of course, I mean; I created that letterhead for a reason, after all, and; one could argue that defending the country is a titch more important than remebering to do one's Toothfairy duties but, still.

Actual reciept  from the Great Tooth Buy-Back debacle of 2003

And, you know, Ryan Reynolds' ass is smokin' hot. Probably not a threat to national security or anything but, yeah, hot.

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