Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I'm a Believer

Not to be confused with a belieber because; I can't stand that kid.

Nooo, I'm a believer in salon quality hair dye. Because, I'm one day short of a week in and I've noticed not one bit of fading nor have my roots made a reappearance which, with store dye; they totally would have, by now. And, please, oh, please, oh, please, Gods of Hair Dye; don't strike me down with gray roots for saying this, but; I'm pretty sure I will be cancelling next week's appointment for a do-over.

I mean it, GOHD, please don't strike me down.

In less vain news, I was informed today that I am in charge of decor at the gala being planned by our local Community Foundation. The gala is in February and I am envisioning a wintry color palette, shimmering snowflakes suspended from the ceiling, arches constructed of birch branches, dripping with crystal accents and cool metallic flourishes. I know; I have no idea why I was volunteered for this job, either.

Speaking of decorating; my woman's club annual Festival of Trees is a week from Friday. I decorated a centerpiece again this year and, because we were having a hard time finding decorators for several other items; I did a wreath as well. I'm pretty happy with both items and am hoping that one, or both, of them will come in with the highest bid of the evening (in each of their respective categories) since I had the highest-grossing centerpiece two years running and don't want to ruin my streak.

And, speaking of streaks (Smooth Segue Train is leaving the station in three, two, one...), have I mentioned how much I like my new haircolor? Yes? Just checking.

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