Thursday, March 29, 2012

As Long As They Don't Hit the Bunny, We're All Good

Hugh took the kids out of school early today so that he, his brother, and, the kids, could go to the shooting range to teach the youngest member of the family how to shoot. We're redneck like that.
While they were out shooting, I took advantage of the solitude and sunshine by laying out in the back yard and, I can honestly say; if this weather holds up, I could be tan before boating season. That said: we will be hit with a blizzard annnnyyy second, now.

On the off-chance that we aren't hit by bad weather, The Teenager, the Man-Cub and I will be driving to Town of My Alma Mater for a volleyball tournament over Easter weekend. I would be outraged at the idea of spending a holiday at a volleyball tournament were it not for the fact that I get to spend the holiday in the company of one of my college roommates and, there is nothing better than falling off the Junk Food Wagon with a good friend.

Not that I'm going to influence her in that direction, I'm just saying.

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