Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I Bet You Believe in the Easter Bunny, Too

One of our High School's numerous clubs is hosting a blood drive today, and, The Teenager is donating for the first time. I'm really hoping it goes better for her than it usually goes for me. Or, in the event that is doesn't; I really hope the club is stocked up on orange juice and sugar cookies.

Speaking of sugar cookies, it is day 14 of Lent and, in a totally unexpected turn of events; I have craved not one ounce of chocolate. Or, any other candy, for that matter. I have also had no difficulty refraining from a potato chip binge or from stuffing myself to the gills with donuts, cookies or other assorted pastries. And, we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory while in Denver this weekend. Pre-Lent me would have totally snarfed down several slices of that cheesecake, I assure you. Lent me? Totally above the need for sugar. Totally.

Granted, I have been sick but; I am going to credit my willpower for this stellar Lenten performance while relegating the inability to take a deep breath without coughing and the fact that my throat is too sore to swallow all the way back to the end of the line in reasons for this accomplishment.

You believe me, right?

And, you also believe that, once Lent is over; I will refrain from executing a Cadbury Egg raid on the children's Easter baskets, right?


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