Friday, March 16, 2012

Well, It's Been Nice While It's Lasted

The weather is supposed to get nasty again this weekend. Were it not for the past week of sunshine, warmth and long walks; that might depress me. As it is, I will weather the storm (not a metaphor!) and will appreciate the nice weather all the more when it returns, again. Plus, my tulips and daffodils could use some moisture, and, since Hugh refuses to turn on the sprinklers until May 15th, exactly (Anal, much?); Mother Nature can feel free to dump a wee bit of snow.

Speaking of wee bits of things; tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I'm only slightly Irish (Ok, I'm slightly Welsh. On my Dad's side. Close enough), but, I always make it a point to celebrate St. Paddy's. And, by celebrate, I mean; I wear green, I pinch those who do not, I kiss the appropriately-lineaged and I make one mean-ass pot of corned beef and cabbage. It goes without saying that I also toast the holiday, although, I'm not much of a beer drinker, so; wine it will be.

Speaking of wine, or, in this case, of whine; The Teenager has a tournament in Neighboring City this weekend. Hugh is taking her tomorrow so that I may attend the Man-Cub's wrestling tournament here in Petticoat Junction. And, you know, so he can address the on-going issues that we have had with the coach. After the last tournament, I tagged out on that whole situation since it has become readily apparent that the "nice" approach simply does not work and Hugh is far better at "not nice" than I am. Hopefully he won't get himself kicked out of the gym.

In the event that he doesn't manage to get The Teenager kicked off the team, I will be taking her back to Neighboring City on Sunday for the second day of the tournament. While we are there, I plan to do some major damage at S@m's since this whole volleyball-slash-wrestling season has completely decimated my snack closet.

Yes, I have a snack closet. Wait, you don't?

Anyway, the closet, lo, she is empty, and, assuming Hugh doesn't get The Teenager kicked off the team; we still have two more tournaments to go before the end of the season.

A Leprechaun with a pot of gold would come in so handy right now.

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