Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taking additional Steps to De-Funkify (Yes, Jana, "De-Funkify" is Totally a Word)

The past two days have been delightfully warm and sunny here in Petticoat Junction, and, I've taken advantage of the weather by returning to the local park for long afternoon walks. Eventually, I'll build back up to running but, for now; I am enjoying the more leisurely pace as it gives me an opportunity to really look at the changes being made in the park.

The biggest change will be the addition of another fishing pond, the location of which used to be part of my favorite route around which to run. I'm somewhat disappointed in the loss of that route and, while there is still plenty of room to create a new running path (I assume that is part of the town's plan for the park); I will especially miss running over the foot bridge that used to harbor the otter den (What's that? We established, ages ago, that the otter den was actually a den for muskrats? Noooo, I can't hear youuuu).

I'm not the only one who is struggling with the changes in the park (aside from the displaced muskrats otters, I mean, obviously); the disc golfers are none too happy with being cut off from a large part of their course, as well. In fact, that unhappiness may be the most logical explanation for the numerous discs that I found myself dodging on yesterday's walk. Unless, yesterday's particular golfers really did mistake my head for a goal (or whatever the hell they call the disc golf basket/cage thingies. Hell if I know) which I find pretty hard to believe given the fact that I am neither large and metal nor do I have an orange flag sprouting from my head.

Today, my walk will take place a little earlier than usual due to the Man-Cub's wrestling tournament in Hooterville. The change could place me smack-dab in the prime time for disc golf and I'm seriously considering wearing a helmet. A fashionable helmet, of course.

Ooooh, speaking of helmets; the weather is also perfect for biking which means I will soon be releasing Lulu from her winter hibernation, and, by soon, I mean; just as soon as I can find the hand-pump in the mess that has accumulated in the garage since last summer. Her tires are flat, you see.

Also, I really need to have a garage sale, soon.

I think being dinged in the head by a golfing disc would be preferable.

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